Brain Training Reduced Academic Difficulties and Behavioral Issues

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Learning Rx Reviews New Research That Shows One-on-One Brain Training Transfers to Real-Life Benefits

​​​The results of a study published in Frontiers in Education highlight the benefits of LearningRx one-on-one cognitive skills training and the LearningRx reading program ReadRx in reducing academic difficulty and behavioral issues.

The study showed statistically significant differences between the two treatment groups and the control group on ratings of paying attention, speed of work, reading skills, remembering facts, visualization skills and problem-solving. Significant improvements in long-term memory, processing speed, auditory processing, fluid reasoning, working memory, and visual processing were also noted in the treatment groups. 

These findings indicate that LearningRx programs might be useful as an intervention for children and teens with learning and behavioral struggles.

Tanya Mitchell, Chief Research and Development Officer

“A lot of people ask if cognitive training transfers to real life,” says LearningRx ( Chief Research and Development Officer Tanya Mitchell. “This controlled study showed that a large group of students saw not only significant gains in the measurements of their cognitive skills, but also decreases in academic difficulties and behavioral issues. These findings indicate that LearningRx programs might be useful as an intervention for children and teens with learning and behavioral struggles.”

The full study, “LearningRx Cognitive Training for Children and Adolescents Ages 5-18: Effects on Academic Skills, Behavior, and Cognition" is available at

The results of this study (p. 38) by Ed Jedlicka—as well as LearningRx randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental controlled studies and numerous observational studies using pre- and post-standardized assessments—can be found in LearningRx’s 2016 Client Outcomes and Research Results, here:

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