Chattanooga, Tennessee Man Reviews Brain Training Experience Following Traumatic Brain Injury

LearningRx Celebrates Improvements in Cognitive Abilities

​LearningRx (, the world’s largest personal brain training company, is celebrating the success of Drew, who saw significant changes in memory, attention, problem-solving, and confidence after enrolling in a LearningRx personal brain training program.

Drew suffered a traumatic brain injury after a bicycle accident in 2014. He was in a coma for a month and attended multiple rehab facilities.

“I realized I hadn’t progressed in my cognitive areas,” explains Drew. “I wasn’t able to remember things very well. My biggest goal when I started a job was to find something that suits my skill set. I want to help others who have suffered from a brain injury.”

Since enrolling in LearningRx personal brain training, both Drew and his wife Emily say they’ve seen some significant changes in Drew’s brain skills.

“I’ve seen Drew’s skills improve in social interactions and being clearer in speaking, reading aloud and feeling more at ease in general,” says Emily. “It’s been great to see the improvements. When I think back to when the accident happened … he’s done so much. He’s very determined and very much a go-getter, approaching each challenge with determination.”

“Since LearningRx, I feel like I’m more prepared to enter the workforce,” says Drew. “My recall skills and problem-solving and memory have improved, as well as my confidence in general. I volunteer at a local hospital and I greet people and help them with directions and such. This program has helped me to recall people’s names—and perhaps a doctor that I see—and telling people where to go.”

Watch Drew and his wife talking about his experience with LearningRx personal brain training:

Way to go, Drew!

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