Eagan, MN Dad Reviews His Daughter's Brain Training Improvements

LearningRx Reviews Student Improvements

Daughter saw improved visualization and attention and has a new love of learning

LearningRx (www.LearningRx.com), the world’s largest personal brain training company, is celebrating the success of Jessamyn, who saw significant changes in visualization, attention and confidence after completing a LearningRx program.

Jessamyn’s parents enrolled her in LearningRx personal brain training after noticing she was struggling to learn even basic concepts. If her parents tried to teach her anything, she flat out refused. Jessamyn had very little interest in learning and her parents worried they wouldn’t be able to get her through high school.

Then Jessamyn’s dad met Rich Frieder, owner of LearningRx Twin Cities at a networking group. As Rich would describe the changes his students experienced after one-on-one brain training, Jessamyn’s dad became intrigued and decided it was worth a shot.

It turns out, Jessamyn absolutely loved her personal brain training at the center and all of a sudden, learning became fun for her!

“They played games and they had to learn the Presidents going forward and backwards,” explains her dad. “It was just incredible. She’d come home and just rattle off all the Presidents. It was just amazing what she was able to accomplish. Jessamyn did finish LearningRx and had tremendous gains. At home, she’s more attentive and she crushes her older sister at chess and other games of strategy. She’s able to visualize the complete board and picture the board and multiple moves ahead. Now she wants to learn and wants to read. She’s having a lot more fun learning.”

Jessamyn’s dad said LearningRx is such a fantastic program that he may even enroll himself!

Watch Jessamyn’s dad talking about her experience: http://studentshoutouts.com/2019/03/30/dad-discusses-daughters-improvements-brain-training-learningrx-eagan-savage-woodbury-mn-review

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