LearningRx - One-on-One Brain Training Company Shares Reviews of Former NFL Player Ben Utecht's New Book

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LearningRx Graduate and former NFL player shares his story about his concussions, complaints of cognitive struggles after concussions, and his plan of recovery.

​​​​Former NFL player and LearningRx graduate Ben Utecht released his new book, “Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away: A Love Letter to My Family” (Simon and Schuster) on August 23, 2016. The book chronicles his journey through football, including cognitive struggles after five major concussions—with particular focus on his fear of losing his ability to remember his wife and daughters. So far, the book is averaging 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here are some of the reviews:

• “I strongly encourage every parent, every child, and every person who plays or plans to play football and other high impact contact sports to read this book and become enlightened and empowered by Ben’s powerful story.” —Dr. Bennet Omalu, featured in the movie Concussion

In his book, Ben doesn't allow injury, setbacks, and disappointments to define him.

Tony Dungy, Hall of Fame Coach and author of Quiet Strength

• “In this book, Ben doesn’t allow injury, setbacks, and disappointments to define him. His faith and love for his family provide perspective in the midst of challenging circumstances.” —Tony Dungy, Hall of Fame Coach and author of Quiet Strength

• “A heartfelt book written by a man of faith who loves his family. Ben Utecht was a [tight end] for the Indianapolis Colts and the Cincinnati Bengals. He loved the game of football, even though the same beloved game left him with multiple concussions and a permanent deficit in cognitive functions. Although he expressed very low times, his faith in the Lord sustains him. A must read for football fans.” —Tina A. Rettig

Utecht trained at LearningRx, a personal brain training company with 80 centers across the United States, in Savage, Minnesota  to target weak cognitive skills, like memory and processing speed. His experience has been covered in multiple media outlets, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN and SportingNews.com.  “Any kind of training—anything that I can do to help me not lose those memories with [my daughters] is the most important thing,” says Utecht. To see more pieces on Ben Utecht’s brain training with LearningRx, visit: http://media.learningrx.com/?s=utecht

LearningRx, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the largest one-on-one brain training organization in the world. With 80 Centers in the U.S., and locations in 40 countries around the globe, LearningRx has helped more than 95,000 individuals and families sharpen their cognitive skills to help them think faster, learn easier, and perform better. Their on-site programs partner every client with a personal brain trainer to keep clients engaged, accountable, and on-task — a key advantage over online-only brain exercises. Their pioneering methods have been used in clinical settings for 35 years and have been verified as beneficial in peer-reviewed research papers and journals. To learn more about LearningRx research results, programs, and their 9.6 out of 10 client satisfaction rating visit http://www.learningrx.com/.    

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