LearningRx Reviews: How Fast to President Trump in Presidents Day Contest

LearningRx Presidents Day Winner 2017

Send Learning Rx your funniest, most impressive videos reciting US presidents

LearningRx is looking for the best, funniest, and most impressive memory feats for a national Presidents Day video contest. LearningRx is looking for videos of people quickly reciting, from memory, all 45 U.S. presidents in order while performing other tasks and blocking out intense distractions. The contest is designed to encourage kids and adults across the country to create videos that demonstrate the memory and focus skills they improved with LearningRx brain training.

"This is one of the first things we have students master in our brain training programs," says Tanya Mitchell, LearningRx Chief Research and Development office. "It quickly strengthens long-term memory, attention and other cognitive skills, and it also gives a big boost of self-confidence. Many of these kids have struggled in school for years, so when they can quickly learn all the presidents they finally feel smart and confident, often for the first time ever."

This is one of the first things we have students master in our brain training programs.

Tanya Mitchell, LearningRx Chief Research and Development Officer

Matthew McDaniel, age 15, from Atlanta, Georgia is one of three finalists from last year. Matthew recited the presidents while solving a Rubik's Cube in the nick of time! The 2017 winner was 10-year-old Sophie Wright from Chattanooga, Tennessee! Sophie wowed the judges with her ability to recite the presidents backwards, forwards, forwards, and backwards again – all while skiing down a mountain! (We’d also like to give mad props to her dad for filming her without any collisions or catastrophes!) Great job, Sophie! You can see their impressive feats by visiting: http://studentshoutouts.com/presidents-day

Get contest details your local LearningRx center or at www.studentshoutouts.com/presidents-day.

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