Raleigh, NC Student is Ready for College, Following Years of School Struggles, Thanks to LearningRx Training

Young Cowboy Named Winner in National Contest for Exceptional Brain Training Results

​​College-bound cowboy Wesley Fowler has been named the top winner in LearningRx’s national Student of the Year competition, celebrating the top brain training results across the country.

“His entire life, all Wesley wanted to be was a farmer,” says Jennifer Huntington, executive director of LearningRx Cary, where Wesley completed personal brain training. “Every grade counted toward his GPA, which was his ticket to getting into the agricultural program at North Carolina State.”

But Wesley struggled academically. He would study for hours only to get a poor grade on a test. His mother Kelley, who is a teacher at Wesley’s school, had tried everything she could to try to help Wesley. She had even researched LearningRx and written it down in her prayer journal as a possible solution. By coincidence, two years later, Kelley won “Teacher of the Month” and received a free cognitive skills assessment from LearningRx. She brought Wesley in and the results of the assessment showed several weak cognitive skills, especially in long-term memory.

Suddenly, Wesley’s long history of academic struggles made complete sense.

“His exact words to me when we were leaving LearningRx that day were ‘I’m not stupid! There’s a reason!’ As a parent, I was shocked at what he had dealt with. The cognitive skills in so many areas were so low that it was no wonder he had struggled so much.”

With hope on the horizon, Wesley’s dream of going to college was resurrected. He enrolled in LearningRx personal brain training.

By his senior year of high school, Wesley could focus more in school, keep up with taking notes and remember what he studied. He used his visual memory skills at work to memorize the names and stall locations of 50 horses he had begun working with. He remembered to take care of responsibilities at home. His confidence soared and he earned all As and Bs his senior year—including an A in an AP class. Best of all, Wesley was accepted into the agricultural program at NC State. Now, he’s officially part of the Wolf Pack.

Watch his submission video: http://studentshoutouts.com/2019/08/08/adhd-student-ready-college-learningrx-training-raleigh-nc-review/

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